Foreign Education Now Made Easy

Most of the students dream of studying abroad after their Higher Secondary examination. Over the years, a trend hasBenefits of Studying at a Private University emerged among Indian students to pursue higher education in Foreign Universities. Though very few among them become successful in achieving their desired path. This generally happens due to lack of planning and preparation. Students, who are completely unaware about the Foreign Universities, often get confused and clearly lack proper guidance. That’s why, they need the help of Education Consultants who can guide the students and help them achieve their ambition.

As we are living in twenty first century, our society, standard of living has undergone a thorough change and we are getting advanced day by day. Now we have ready solutions in our hand for each and every problem. The rise of Education Consultants is helping the students in terms of choosing their desired course and career path. Dream Educator is a reputed name in the world of Education Consultants and established itself as a successful Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi. The name Dream Educator signifies

How to Choose the Right University

If you’re looking to enhance your qualifications through Further Education, you will no doubt be thinking about applying forHow to Choose the Right University a course at a university. For most, studying at university is seen as the route to a decent professional career, but let’s face it, there are other attractions to the whole experience. What about the independence that it brings, the social opportunities and the challenge of a new location? Here are some essentials you should have on your wish list when making your mind up about which university is right for you. Presumably, getting the course choice right is a priority, so we will start with that.

The right course

Research what is right for you. Remember, specialist courses have fewer locations accessible to you. A major subject, such as English or Law, will have many more places on offer. However, be realistic – what are your entry level results likely to be and will they be good enough for your dream course?


Think about whether you need (or want) to be near

How to Prepare for Studying Abroad

Interest in studying abroad is growing in many countries. In recent years, the number of students going abroad hasHow to Prepare for Studying Abroad increased considerably. Right from better quality of education to professional and personal growth, there are many factors that have contributed to the growing popularity of overseas education in India and other countries. However, when it comes to studying in a different country, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind.

How to study overseas?

1. Choose the right course: If you’re planning to study abroad, the first thing you need to do is choose the right course. Be it medical, accounting, economics, political science, the colleges and universities located across the world offer all types of courses to students. Depending upon your background and interest, you can choose the right course. If you’ve a clear understanding of the course you wish to pursue, choosing the university will become easier.

2. Apply and take the test: The second step is to apply to the universities that offer the course of your choice and

Who Is Steven Garfinkle, the poker playing professor

Steven Garfinkle is a well-known name on the poker-scene, and although he might not have won millions a number of years in the row, he is a very different type of poker player, which is enough for him. In 2007, his inbox would’ve been flooded with congratulatory emails from his students, after he made the front page of his local newspaper, and the school newspaper, as he finished 10th place in the WSOP main event. With poker being available almost everywhere, both online and offline, with BetFred mobile games being one of the main sites, there are plenty of college students that are looking to try their luck and qualify for the World Series of Poker. However Steven Garfinkle has led himself to be a local hero, for his part in trying to keep students in college instead of consuming their time with poker.

Professor Steven Garfinkle

Steven Garfinkle, before becoming known for his part in the 2007 World Series of Poker, is actually an associate professor of history at Western Washington University in Washington State. The professor had an early interest in the history and archaeology of other places, and after pursuing an education at Tufts University in the subject,

Careers Options in Sociology

Sociology involves a scientific study of society, human behavior, the genesis and development, institutions and organizations. The students also learn about the causes and consequences of human behavior. It requires a lot of patience to study sociology as understanding the reasons and details is not very easy. The students will have to understand evolution of societies, organization of societies, and social interactions to grasp human behavior.

Those who wish to specialize in a specific sub-field of sociology, they can choose to study children behavior, adolescent problems, helps students resolve their problems, criminal behavior and actions. One has to be earnest and patient in their efforts while dealing with children, criminals, adolescents, students or whosoever. Those who possess good research skills, communication skills are recruited sooner. Sociology graduates will have a host of avenues like social service, law, criminal justice, media, private clinics, hospitals etc.

Degree Courses

Initially, to enter the field of sociology, one can pursue Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and then Master of Arts in Sociology, these two courses are offered at most of the Best Arts College

Those who completed 10+2 in social sciences stream are eligible for BA in Sociology.

Get to See Your Future College Campus

Do you think you can buy a house or a car after only looking at it’s photo or advertisement in the newspaper or somewhere else? Most of the major decisions are a result of lot of brainstorming and research about the product we would like to buy or make a decision about.

One such major decision is choosing a college for your young one, which should not be solely based on the information available on the web, college’s reputation or any guidebook. One should personally tour the college campus and facilities to make such major decisions. But, is it possible for prospective students to visit every college personally? Not in case of international education! There are many constraints like physical location, travel and monetary etc. that hold back international students from personally checking up on the colleges before making a decision.

As institutions all over the globe continue to accept more and more international students, the concept of virtual campus tours is getting popular by the day. Real-Time, Interactive Campus Tours are helping the students review their future colleges in real-time. Educational institutions are also taking a step ahead by adopting real-time, virtual tours. They are

Benefits of Studying at a Private University

While choosing a college or a university, the first thought that compels us to opt for a public university/college is that the fee structure would be lower. People tend to stay stuck to that thought. They need to delve deeper into the issue. Not opting for a private university/college just because it has a higher fee structure is not justifiable. One should see what a particular private university/college offers against that huge amount you pay for your ward’s education. Ideally, any university or college should fulfill the educational needs of students along with paving the way for a brighter career. Now the question is – does a public university/college ensure that bright future?

Private Universities in India certainly has massive fee structures, but then they also offer multiple other platforms to the students for overall growth. For instance, the students engage themselves in co-curricular activities, games (indoor and outdoor), and competitions at different levels in diverse fields. Hence, they not only participate, but also get opportunities to coordinate in the organizing such events and fests, which enhances their capabilities for future. When students get such type of training, they will never be sitting lethargic at work place

Home Schooling Tips For All

We tend to gain more experience and discover more effective things during the course of our lives. We usually try again and again until we get things right. So is the case when it comes to our kids’ education. We all know that home schooling can be difficult to many people. We all want the best for our kids but deciding whether to home school or not is still a confusing issue to many of us, as we don’t know whether we will do a better job in educating our little ones than the schools would. Below is an article with helpful tips that should make your decision a bit easier.

Don’t restrict learning to materials present in a curriculum. Your children should learn from as many sources as possible from cookbooks to newspapers. Talking about current events is a wonderful method to help your children comprehend anything from our governmental system to geography. This will also help them develop ways to think critically.

Find out the most effective spot in your house to perform your home schooling just before the school year begins so you can carefully set it up. Exactly where would they study

Autodesk Online Training Courses Getting Popular These Days

Online learning has been around for quite some time now. Ever since the introduction of the internet, the number of websites is growing day by day and the internet has proved to be a wonderful platform for sharing of information. E-learning has further led people to opt for online certification as well. So, if you are looking for an online Revit certification then an online certificate program might be just what you need. Certificate programs are a solution for those who desire to get a short-term, highly career-oriented, compressed program to help them further in the job market. There are several Revit Training Classes and institutes in India and specifically in Mumbai where such online certificate programs are offered.

Today, in India the trend of online certification is getting quite popular. Certificates can be offered to the highly educated who require a sellable skill or to those individuals who are not ready to enter a degree program. However, want a credential to get a quick-fix job. The courses can also be taken for academic credit, with the option of applying the credits towards a bachelor’s or master’s degree program within that institute. These certificates provide a speedy

Are You Preparing for Your PGPB Interview

We also know that the interview can be an especially intimidating part of the process. But – with the right preparation – it doesn’t have to be.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect during your interview at MISB.

About the PGPB Interview

Congratulations! If you’re reading this because you’ve been given an interview, you’ve made it past the first cut: Based on the strength of your application, you’ve made the shortlist for acceptance into the PGPB. The interview gives us the chance to get to know you a bit better while extending the same opportunity to you.

Depending on where you are located, we offer interviews on our Mumbai campus as well as in different cities throughout India. We also conduct interviews via phone/Skype for candidates who are unable to attend an in-person interview.

All interviews are conducted one-on-one by an MISB faculty member or member of the MISB management team. If you haven’t already provided a CV, original transcripts, essay questions, and proof of ID with your application, please bring these materials to the interview.

What to Expect During the PGPB Interview

Interviews help us identify

Advancing Education at Legitimate Institutions

Getting the right institution to advance your level of education can prove to be a daunting task. This is due to the simple reason that today there are quite a large number of colleges available to the point that one does not really know which ones are truly accredited and which ones are not. It is important that you do not just run to any college to advance your level of education. You do not want to take the entire course and finish only to be told that your certificate cannot be recognized because you got it from an institution that is not accredited.

There are authorities in every country that are charged with the responsibility of accrediting these institutions. This would be the best place to get confirmation as to whether a certain institution is legitimate or not. This information is usually public thus you can easily access it. A good number of these authorities have set up websites from which you can get all this information. This information will be very important for you to look at especially if you will be looking to study online courses.

The good

How to Avoid Writing Homeschool High School Course Descriptions

Although many, if not most colleges like to see some kind of course descriptions to accompany a homeschool student’s transcript, there are several strategies for those who simply want to avoid having to write course descriptions! One method is, of course, to search for those specific colleges who don’t want course descriptions or a lot of information. Some colleges may have only five minutes to evaluate each applicant and don’t have a lot of time to look at everybody closely. Sometimes these are the colleges that don’t require a lot of course descriptions. Of course, the difficulty with this is that you don’t know in advance whether they’re going to need course descriptions or not. Sometimes, they don’t publicize that information.

A second strategy is to use testing scores to supplement your transcripts. This means that you provide outside documentation from tests, which can reflect the grades and the evaluation that you’ve done on your children as represented on their transcripts. Some testing options are SAT subject tests, AP exams, and CLEP exams. If you don’t have thorough documentation, sometimes colleges will ask you for a GED or ask a student to take a GED.

Scheduling Homeschool High School

As a homeschool parent, if you are just entering the high school years or if you have already begun there are a few scheduling necessities to keep track of, plan for, and stay up to date with! It’s important for you not to drop the ball on deadlines plans and requirements. Here are a few benchmark activities you should make sure you are planning for when it comes to the high school years. For your students freshman year of high school make sure to choose demanding curriculum! Selecting challenging material will develop a greater flexibility for when it comes time to college selection. Make sure you choose curriculum that will enhance your student’s proficiency in math and writing!

When it comes to sophomore year, give some thought to scheduling your student for the PSAT. This will give your student practice for their junior year when the PSAT is their priority. The PSAT is only $13 sophomore year so it is well worth the experience! As I have already mentioned during you student’s junior year, the PSAT should be their priority. If taken in October, it will allow them to compete for a National Merit Scholarship; preparing for

How to Make The Homeschool Grade

There’s a lot of laughter that happens when conversation among homeschoolers turns to grading. But underneath that laughter is probably a lot of parental discomfort too–how do you grade papers? Is there some easy way to do it? Isn’t it completely subjective? When do you stop letting them correct their papers?

When you’re grading things like English, remember that the most important thing is that you are teaching your children to write. It’s okay to circle different problems on an essay for correction without putting a grade or a percentile or a number system on it at all. You don’t even have to know if a word is misspelled, or if your student used a word correctly. You can just circle the word in question and say, “Is this word correct?” or “Did you spell this word correctly?” In the same way you can circle any problems or sections that you don’t understand.

My son loved economics, and he wrote about economics all the time, whereas I failed economics in school. When I was in college, I got a 0.7 my first time through economics, and so I frankly did not understand anything he said. When

A Homeschoolers Guide to Comparing Colleges

One of the hardest parts of the college process is whittling down all the choices to a manageable few. There are thousands of great colleges out there, but you’re looking for the one that will be perfect for your child! Fortunately, there are some great tools available to help you decide whether a potential college makes the cut.

To begin a basic comparison of different colleges, take a look at resources such as US News and World Report’s “College Guide,” “Profiles of American Colleges” by Barron, or “Four Year Colleges” by Petersons. These books rank colleges in a variety of different areas, and allow you to compare actual statistics between individual colleges. They won’t have more than one or two pages on each college, so even though the books are huge, the amount of information you have to read about each college is pretty small.

There are some very interesting statistics you’ll find about colleges. One of the things that I found most interesting was the four-year graduation rate. This can be pretty important, because if a college is less expensive but it takes a student six or seven years to

Is The Academic Pressure Too Difficult to Handle For Our Youth

Exam phobia is too widespread for our students since ages. It makes it difficult for them to concentrate on their subjects, especially the technical ones. It affects them physically and mentally therefore posing a threat to their health and well being. We read in newspapers very often and also come across many students committing suicide or isolating themselves from the entire social circle when exams are round the corner or deadlines are approaching for core assignment submissions, reason being anxiety or when they are into their “so- called depression”. I always try to figure out why this problem does not seem to change. Why today the students still can’t bear the academic pressure even if they pose a very chilled out personality otherwise?

The reasons that I feel for this are recognition in society, parents expectations, unhealthy peer group competitions, over confidence in oneself, setting of high standards even when they are not correlating with the caliber of the student, etc. All this brings additional and unwanted pressure on student’s mind thus making him feel low and de-motivated at times of failures or low grades. Other external forces also create academic pressure. Many of us lack time

hings to Remember when Answering an Essay Question that Asks What and Why

Tackling an essay question for the first time can be a challenge and sometimes daunting, especially in an exam situation. Assignments and exams come in many forms and an essay is just one of these. You will come to find, with practice, that the structure of an essay is usually very flexible. However, this does depend on whether you are expected to write a long or short essay answer. When it comes to answering concise questions that begin ‘What’ or ‘Why’, there are a few pointers that will help make this easier:

  1. It’s an obvious first point, but make sure that you understand the question by reading it through more than once – how you answer it will depend on the word limit, if you are given one, and the number of topics you need to cover. If in doubt about where you are heading with your answer once you have made a start, go back over the question – are you still keeping to it?
  2. Identify the ‘process’ words, two of which are ‘what’ and ‘why’. Are you being asked to answer for both of these words or just one? Do you need to state what something

Sure Way to Further your Education

At present time, there are lots of students who are looking for information on courses and appropriate colleges or schools in order for them to further their education and it is common for students to get lost in the amount of information available to them.

But the good news is that students need not worry over things like this because they can always rely on Edufinder. This site is especially designed to assist students who are earnestly looking for data on courses and colleges. The site aims to make it a lot easier for students to take the proper steps in order for them to successfully accomplish their goals.

What is more, whether you’re still a freshman or a graduate or you are searching for a fresh beginning or would like to take online masters degree courses, the site’s advisors shall gladly assist you as you walk through the seemingly difficult process and happily aid you by coming up with a list of courses for you to be able to choose from.

The site is actually known for combining its boundless database of colleges and comes with a meticulously catered solution in order to solely

The Math of Education

If you consider yourself a numbers person with an analytical approach, you may excel in the field of Economics, one of the many mathematic fields available for study. Using your knack for numbers you can further your knowledge in the social science Economics, studying production, distribution and consumption. By understanding these factors of a society, we understand their economics. Refinement, management, and perfection of an economic system begins with a strong education. That kind of education is available to you this summer at Economics Cambridge University Summer School. So, keep reading to learn more and take advantage of the opportunity if it sounds right for you!

Breaking Down the Numbers

Students with an interest in economics and other management-based studies will greatly benefit from Cambridge Economics Summer Program. Students are taught in a close class setting, with about 10 students, and highly educated tutors. This liberal student to teacher ratio allows attendees to get the most out of the two-week program. Over the course of their study, they will explore topics that will stimulate inquisitiveness and also prepare for future studies.

Students are taught through seminars and tutorials, focusing on current events. By learning about

Where To Get College Application Help

A college degree is the key to realizing the American dream, well worth the financial sacrifice because it is supposed to open the door to a world of opportunity.

-Dan Rather

The aforesaid quote of famous journalist Dan Rather is absolutely true. Without a college degree, it is not easy to fulfill your dreams. However, getting in a reputed college is not easy. You need to fill college application admission forms. And then, you will give admission exams. On the basis of your performance, you will get the admission. If you want to get admission in one of the most reputed colleges, you will have to perform well in admission exams.

Many a times, a great number of admission forms get rejected as either they are incomplete or filled wrongly. So, to make sure that your form is not rejected, you should fill your form with utmost attention. We all love checklists, but, unfortunately, colleges don’t provide them as often they should. However, the college admission application forms ask for a lot of information, which students may not be having readily available. Then what? Don’t worry, below-mentioned is a checklist